The story of a man, his son, and their donkey.


Feb 8, 2023


The story of a man, his son, and their donkey.

With their donkey, the father and son traveled through a village. They heard a man say,

Look at these fools, they have a donkey, but they walk on feet


Both of them decided it was a good idea to sit on the donkey. Now, the villagers criticized,

How can they be so cruel to make the donkey carry both of them?


The man felt sorry and got off. A passerby said,

What a lazy boy, he lets his father walk while he rides on the donkey.


They changed places as the son felt sorry. A woman remarked,

He should feel ashamed to let his son walk in the hot sun.


They were fed up and started carrying the donkey. People laughed and exclaimed,

Don’t know who the donkey is!


What do you think?

Should they go back to square one?


I very much relate to this story.

When I went to high school in the nearby town, neighbours said
“For a girl it’s enough to attend the government school nearby.”

When I turned 18, relatives said
“It's good to get her married.”

When I began my career, people told

“Its not safe to travel to another state for a job.”

When I took a break for a few years, people criticized

“What a waste of an engineering seat and a gold medal, it would have been better utilized by a man.”

When I returned to work, people asked

“Why don't you focus on your family?”

Now that I run a startup, they question

“Why have you left a high-paying job?”

I'm certain that each of us has encountered similar scenarios. How have you dealt with them?