Sunday morning at a small, yet busy crockery store


Feb 8, 2019


A stout lady, of age around 40, bought crockery for Rs.1300. The store owner who was handling multiple customers handed her the items and asked for money.

She created a scene shouting “I just now gave you Rs.2000. Give me back Rs.700.

Though no one was sure about that, some of the customers suggested checking whether he has any Rs.2000 note. He genuinely said that he got so many Rs.2000 notes since morning. After 5 min of chaos, he decided to get rid of her and gave her Rs.700.

Once she left, a concerned old man asked him why he did that.

He said, “Sir, I don’t want to spoil my whole day because of this one incident. I still don’t remember whether she gave me the money, but, I’ll take this as a lesson.

He could have got angry and fought back with the lady. But, he chose not to be affected by it and learn from it.