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An engagement platform that connects for-profit organizations to the non-profit volunteers.

My Role: UX Consultant

I worked closely with the co-founders and designed the organization management, project life-cycle and event management parts of the website.

I discussed with the co-founders, understood the cause and the requirements, got the questions clarified and then started with the target audience, research, user flow, red route analysis and the IA.

The organizations had to enroll them and update project and event details for the volunteers to participate. So, identified the red routes for the organizations first.

Identified the major actions for the volunteers based on the ones identified for the organizations.

Then followed the prototyping, review and iteration.

The Outcome

A platform that enables volunteers find the right cause easily and the organizations connect with the right volunteers.

The Result

Paying customers within a short period after implementing the redesign.


Always measure the conversion as that is what is going to let you know if the experience is working.

Simulate the experience rather than filling the pages with dummy data to get meaningful results out of user testing.

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