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An eCommerce profitability platform that connects merchandising and marketing.

My Role: UX, UI & Interaction Designer

I worked with the founders and the engineers to enable marketers, category managers and buyers of eCommerce stores discover what works on their store.

The dashboard is crucial for any intelligence tool. Designed the dashboard widgets for all the states and created multiple default dashboards that cater to the needs of different target audiences. Also, added an option to add new dashboards instantly.

Discussed with the dev team in detail, jotted down every single payment scenario including upgrades, downgrades, during trial, after trial, limit exceeded etc, connected them with the setup status and carefully designed the billing and pricing flow and the actions to be taken in every scenario.

Added multiple views to support different user needs: the grid view which is the default view to enable users connect with their merchandize without having to goto their site, the table view to give a general overview and the graph view to present the performance.

Designed the search in such a way that it established a mental model with the eCommerce site search. Made sure the product tile, filters, item count, sort by, load more etc worked in the same way as the eCommerce site search does and added data on top of every tile to resemble the product highlights.

The users needed to analyze different campaigns, pages and banners. The configuration played a major role in detecting the list pages, landing pages, campaigns, on-site banners etc in order to track them. Brainstorming with the developers gave insights on the technical details such as URL parameters, patterns etc that can be used to detect them. Designed the configuration in such a way that it aided the users in adding the detection rules easily.

The Result

Happy customers!
“Simple and easy to use merchandise intelligence…our category managers absolutely love the tool”
“I like the connect between product and traffic data”
“We increased conversion on our landing pages by 2x with the product insights”


Never hesitate to discard design ideas.

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