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GoCoop Seller Management

A social marketplace that enables co-operatives and community-based artisans and weavers sell directly to consumers and business buyers bypassing the local traders, wholesalers and retailers.

My Role: UX Consultant

I provided UX consulting for both B2B and B2C parts of the business and delivered information architecture, paper prototypes, wireframes and interaction design. I worked closely with the Director, Product Manager and Developers.

User Flow

I analyzed the different audience of GoCoop and mapped how their behavior is connected with the seller management followed by the registration flow through which the sellers are onboarded.


Organized the seller dashboard in such a way that it guided the sellers on what to do after registration and enabled them to manage their products, orders, and enquiries after that.

Enquiry Management

Identified the enquiry management flow including all the audiences.

I then worked on the user flow and discussed with the stake holders to make sure there is no mismatch in the understanding.

Then followed the paper prototype and the high fidelity interactive prototype for both the buyer and seller parts of the enquiry management.

The Result

Streamlined order management and enquiry management.


Always start with paper prototype before high fidelity prototype even for a small change as it would save a lot of design time.

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