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GoCoop Seller Management Mobile App

A mobile app for the sellers registered with GoCoop to manage their orders and products and maintain their organization profile and for the Service Executives to onboard new sellers faster.

My Role: UX Consultant

The Pain Points

Adding a new product was tedious and time consuming for the sellers and they were not able to manage the orders on the go. The GoCoop Service Executives had to spend more than a week to onboard a new seller.

User Flows & Red Routes

I identified the user flows and prioritized the common tasks to solve the pain points.

Information Architecture

Based on the analysis and the data collected, I then organized the information.

Paper Prototype

Created the paper prototype to discuss with the stake holders, user test and iterate.

As the registration happens via mobile, it has to be as simple and as easy as possible. So, I discussed with the management and the service executives and organized only those input fields that are required to onboard or contact a newly registered seller.

In the organization details form, I chose to ask the zip code first so that city, state, and country are pre-filled automatically. And added mobile verification to avoid fake or test signups to save Service Executive’s time.

Interactive Prototype

Created the high fidelity interactive prototype with Axure to get user feedback before development.

Designed the empty states for a better onboarding experience for the sellers.

The Outcome

A mobile app that enables the GoCoop Service Executives onboard and manage sellers on the go.

The ability to capture product photos and create listing right from the mobile device.

Pattern sign-in feature that allows users to sign in quickly with a custom pattern.

The Result

The time taken to onboard a new seller has decreased from a week to a few hours which in turn drastically increased the rate at which the new sellers are onboarded.

Adding new products and managing the orders became effective and easy.


Sometimes a minor UI or VD change would drastically reduce the time to be invested by the user and improve the overall experience.

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