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GoCoop Marketplace

A social marketplace that enables consumers and business buyers to buy/procure products directly from co-operatives and community-based artisans and weavers.

My Role: UX Consultant


The project started with a detailed discussion on the business requirements with all the stakeholders. I then mapped the business requirements with the user needs followed by the user flow for bulk buyers and shoppers which helped me prioritize the tasks and the delivery.


I redesigned every single page in the buying process to enhance the overall shopping experience.

In the product details page

  • Differentiated the buying area from the rest of the content to guide shoppers in the purchase process.
  • Included a list box for quantity to limit the count based on stock availability instead of a text box which would lead to unnecessary error handling.
  • Showed stock availability to create a sense of urgency.
  • Moved product details, product specification and special instructions below the fold giving room for calls to action, shipping details and price and availability information in the primary real estate.

Added a notify me button for OOS products which asks for shopper’s email id in order to save the sale as well as get new subscribers rather than just saying the product is out of stock.

The team couldn’t allow multi-seller checkout as of now due to platform restrictions. Though they are working out a solution for this, temporarily the shoppers were not allowed to add products from different sellers to cart. But, shoppers were left clueless on why they are not able to add a second product to cart. Solved this by informing shoppers and aiding them to shop from the same seller in two scenarios.

  • While adding the first product to cart:
  • When the shopper tries to add a second product to cart from a different seller.

Simplified the cart and checkout steps to reduce abandonment.

Why GoCoop

A picture is worth a thousand words. I used a pictorial representation to help shoppers understand why they have to buy from GoCoop when there are thousands of retailers.

Bulk Buyers

Bulk buyers would look for seller details, credibility etc before sending trade enquiry. So, designed the seller page in such a way that it talks about the seller, lists the products and highlights the uniqueness of the seller.

Included the trade enquiry form inline in the seller page and pre-filled possible fields to enable the buyers send enquiries instantly.

A lot of traffic came to the directory pages. Included source easily via GoCoop section to leverage that.

Discussed with the stakeholders to understand the need for clusters page and identified the possible ways the buyers can locate clusters.

The Result

Great customer experience!
“I had a great shopping experience with GoCoop.”
“The collections online are very nice. Had a wonderful shopping experience, looking forward to buy more products from GoCoop.”
“Basically I am happy, whatever had been promised was delivered and all over experience was nice and looking forward to buy more and more products from the site.”


Empathize with the business and the team as well, not just the users.

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