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Choice AI Visual Editor

The only Visual Editor that enables the users design and deploy responsive HTML5 widgets without any coding.

My Role: UX, UI & Interaction Designer

I lead the UX strategy that includes research, information architecture, paper prototyping, wireframing and interaction design from scratch. I worked closely with the co-founders and the dev team.

The Highlights

I analyzed the visual editors, canvas editors and email editors that exist in the market which gave me an understanding of what to do and what not to do.

Researched hundreds of eCommerce stores to find common patterns and designs which helped me come up with the layouts and the UI Types for the widgets and the pages.

Setup multiple brainstorming sessions with the dev team to understand the feasibility and nuances of the UI based approach for widget placement to make it as simple as possible.

User testing, analysis and iterations helped improve the experience dramatically. The visual editor has gone through three major iterations to get it to the current state.

The Outcome

A Visual Editor that enables placing and designing the widgets so easily and effortlessly without the help of a developer or a designer.

Automatic Store Theme detection and stunning pre-created templates that adopts to the detected Store Theme seamlessly once applied.

Simple UI that enables users import photos and images from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and graphic design tools.

The Result

Happy customers!

“With their visual editor design tool we were able to create effective landing pages and banners very quickly and with minimum design skills. This has saved us a lot of time and money!!”

“They have completely revamped the format. The way there AI apps are now implemented on your site. The apps seem to have also been much improved in terms of performance and reliability.”


The change might be so small from a dev angle. But, making them understand the impact is crucial for the business.

Good designs are hardly noticed. Whereas bad ones don’t just hurt, they are expensive too.

Not all experiences can be tested with prototypes, in such cases only experiments with real users will help in the analysis.

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