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Choice AI App

The AI for eCommerce that transforms the UI elements to enhance the shopping experience.

My Role: UX, UI & Interaction Designer

I lead the UX strategy that includes research, information architecture, paper prototyping, wireframing and interaction design from scratch. I worked closely with the founders and the dev team.

The Highlights

Onboarding is one of the key factors to ensure a good first-time user experience. To optimize the onboarding experience, I personalized and designed the empty states.

From the implementation point of view, the setup and integration steps varied for different eCommerce platforms. From the user point of view, some wanted the setup to be automatic and others needed it to be controlled by them. After multiple brainstorming sessions I chose progressive setup steps and came up with the flow for every platform supported by choice AI.

Continuously analyzed the usage, tracked where the users succeeded and failed and improved the signup and setup.

What once was a simple app gradually became complex as the number of AI widget types increased over time. I organized the scattered pieces together and structured it once again which brought the app back to simplicity.

The Outcome

A web app that enables users complete the setup without any hiccups, and create and deploy the first AI widget within minutes after signup.

A simple and organized structure that enables the users manage the AI widgets easily.

A dashboard that presents the results better.

The Result

More than 80% of the signups complete the signup and setup without raising any support questions.

A 60% increase in Conversion rate for eCommerce stores using choice AI.


Pay attention to details. Small things such as micro interactions and visual clues make a huge difference.

Talk to the real users to make critical decisions rather than relying upon personas.

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