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Visual Multiplication Cards

A set of playing cards to intuitively learn multiplication in a visual way.

The Story

My son had to learn multiplication tables to proceed to his next level in Abacus. But, he found it boring to memorize the tables.

I searched through the internet and bookstores for games to teach multiplication in an intuitive way. I couldn’t find anything interesting. So, I decided to design one to help him learn visually.

Why Flashcards

  • Flashcards engage active recall and increase the long-term memory.
  • Prevents from memorizing the order as you can shuffle the cards.
  • It’s a fun and effective way to learn and remember.
  • Combines written form with visual representation.
  • Flash cards are two-sided.

What the kids will learn

  • An easy way to remember multiplication.
  • Introduction to the area of a rectangle.
  • Square numbers, arrays, and grids.
  • Practice tables in random order.

The Outcome

The answers for 4x10 and 10x4 are the same and at the same time, the way to arrive at the answer is different. Printed them on the front and back of the same card and used arrays to differentiate the ways to find the answer.

We know children like bright colors, that’s what the toys industry is leveraging. So, I used 16 different bright colors for every single table.

Added a rhyming character at the back of every same digit multiplication card to add a bit of fun which kids are always fond of.

The Result

The cards help my son learn the multiplication tables fast. He understood the concept of multiplication instead of just memorizing it. And yes, it helped him complete the next level in Abacus.

Would you like to teach multiplication to your kids while playing a game?

Available for pre-order.

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