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Online store that offers customizable fashion jewelry, traditional apparels, and tailoring services.

My Role: UX, UI & Interaction Designer, Employed at Choice AI.

The Analysis

To enhance the shopping experience on the site, I started with analyzing the site and the past shopper behavior.

  • Majority of the shoppers purchased products only on their second or third visit to the website.
  • Visitors are mostly interested in Sarees and Silk thread Jewelry collections.
  • Though the site is safe and secure to buy products, that was not projected out well.

Based on the analysis, I chose the right AI widgets to be designed and deployed with Choice AI.


The Outcome

Stunning hero banners on the homepage to promote their bestselling collections and dynamic banners that understand user behavior and suggest the right offer every time the user lands on the homepage.

Collection page redesign to personalize the listing based on shopper interests and to include filters which would help shoppers narrow down to their desired products easily and quickly.

Product recommendation based on previous browsing history for returning visitors and credibility factors on all the pages to remind shoppers that their information will be safe and secure.



The Result

A drastically improved site experience with stunning banners and dynamic elements powered by Choice AI which resulted in 60% increase in conversion rate.

All the visual elements were designed and deployed with Choice AI.

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